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Fritters are terrific on their own or dipped into the yogurt-cucumber sauce.

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Salsa Cruda, a pasta meal that’s like bruschetta!

Only need to cook the pasta, the rest is prep and toss. Make it a meal! This is a hit to bring to a party, expect to share the recipe…

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Ragù – not from the jar!

Ragù alla Bolognese originated in the northern city of Bologna, Italy. Less tomato saucy and full of other vegetables and meat. Here’s my version following closely the recipe past down from our Italian family. This is another staple dish in our family. Good, hearty – a 1 dish meal!

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Best Roasted Chicken

Awesome recipe that’s uncomplicated! It’s all in the flip and the 5 essential tips to roasting the perfect chicken…

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Zucchini & Pineapple Bread

Tried-and-true zucchini pineapple bread recipe that’s yummy and nutritious for breakfast or for a snack! Easy to put together by hand in 20 minutes and bake.


Olga’s Soup

A well-known and popular soup created by a lady named Olga from Sicily! This recipe is so simple, really healthy and delicious.


Dark Chocolate Orange Bread Pudding

Magnificent dark chocolate and orange dessert that’s so simple and easy to create. Dramatically puffs up in the oven and the eating experience is just as amazing.

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Best Chocolate Chip/Chunk Cookie Ever

Perfectly chewy texture remains in this homemade cookie. Enjoy them right out of the oven and the next day and the next.

True Crabcakes and a Lemon-Dill Mayo Accompaniment

These are fantastic crabcakes with just a little filler to add a little texture and flavor. I suggested to my culinary expert chef Hannah to make these for a dinner party and she wrote me afterwards, “the crab cakes were deeeelish!!! I made the sauce with lots of lemon, fresh dill, a bit of honey and capers– reallllyyyy good!!”

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Dutch Baby/Puff Pancake

Easy, quick surprise breakfast! Dramatically puffs like a soufflé in the oven when ready.

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Bruschetta, one of the easiest appetizers to make and everyone enjoys it’s flavor and simplicity. It’s important to have a good crusty baguette, nicely ripened tomatoes, and good quality extra virgin olive oil.



Many guacamole dips, but this simply is one of the best recipes and you can make it in 15 without major equipment. The smooth, creamy dip with a hint of spice makes this a superb appetizer that even non-avocado fans will love. Serve with tortilla chips or pita chips and carrots.

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Ginger & Garlic Halibut with Spinach

Delicate and flavorful poached halibut meal that once you have the ingredients prepped it takes all of 15 minutes to cook. The cooked fresh spinach with a hint of fresh mint in the soup makes this truly delicious. A great recipe that is flexible! Substitute other fish like snapper, sea bass or grouper. Easily replace leek with onion, or fennel.

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Fish Tacos with Lime-Cilantro Sour Cream Sauce & Pico Salsa

Almost everything tastes good in a taco smothered with sour-cream sauce and fresh salsa (2 variations I suggest – Pico de Gallo or Tequila Lime salsa). A one dish fun meal!

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Pico de Gallo

Use this well known salsa on fish tacos or as an accompaniment for other fish and seafood dishes.

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Baked Crisp & Spicy Chicken Tenders

EASY and an awesome substitute to buffalo chicken wings. Add more or less spice to the marinade, depending on who you’re serving and double or triple the recipe for parties. This recipe makes for a great finger food for any casual hors d’œuvre party, or as a main.

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Corn, Black Bean, Chicken Salad with Spicy Lime Vinaigrette

This Southwestern seasoned salad needs nothing on the side except a cool beverage. Fresh lime juice provides a citrus tang to go with a spice kick. EASY to make and so delicious!

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Quick & Easy Chicken White Bean Chili

Another kind of white chili that’s not as involved. It’s EASY and a complete meal that’s hearty and flavorful! A new way to use one of those roasted chickens readily available at the market.


Six Select Salad Dressings

Want to throw together your own delicious salad dressing, here’s a cheat sheet.

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Asparagus – no muss, no fuss broiled in the oven in 5 minutes.


Orzo with Roasted Vegetables

A delicious vegetarian meal or serve as a side. Eat at room temperature or cold and makes for great left-overs. Easy to prepare. Serves 6; double for parties.

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Chicken Stufato

Hard to call this preparation a chicken fall-back recipe, because it’s so good and gourmet. But, I usually have these basic ingredients in the fridge and cupboard. It’s a great staple, hearty meal that you’ll want to make again and again.

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