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Butterscotch Frosting on Vanilla Cake


Makes a plentiful amount to frost a triple layer cake or easily 24 cupcakes; Frosting prep and cook time: about 15 minutes

Frosting Ingredients

  1. 6 oz. (12 TBS) unsalted butter

  2. 1 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar

  3. 3/4 cup heavy cream; more if needed

  4. 18 oz. (4 1/2 cups) powdered sugar, sifted to break any clumps then spooned into measuring cup and leveled

  5. 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. First bake a vanilla cake and allow to cool. Any box cake or homemade cake recipe.  Dr. Oetker Vanilla cake is really moist and delicious.

  2. Make the butterscotch frosting using a medium size, 4 or 5 quart saucepan.  Melt the butter over medium-low heat.

  3. Add the brown sugar. Using a wooden spoon, stir constantly, cooking sugar and butter for 4 minutes. The sugar will melt and look smooth, and will bubble. Adjust the heat if it gets too hot and the sugar starts too burn.

  4. Add the cream; continue to stir for another 2 minutes. The mixture will become smooth and glossy.

  5. Remove from the heat. Add powdered sugar and vanilla. Stir lightly to incorporate the sugar. Continue stirring vigorously for 5 minutes with a wooden spoon or use electric mixer on low speed. If it seems a little dry, stir in more heavy cream, 1/2 TBS at a time. Frosting should become thick, smooth and look spreadable.

  6. Immediately frost cake. Place a cake layer on serving plate and pour frosting over the center, about 1/2 to 1 cup. Spread evenly over the top and let excess roll over edges. Repeat with next layer(s). Spread frosting on sides. Let it set for about 30 minutes before cutting.

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