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My current addictions from the vine….


Corvina, Corvina, Corvina. I’ve recently found myself lusting over all different forms of this smooth and complex Italian grape. Typically she is blended together with her well known cousins, Molinara and Rondinella, but when purchasing a bottle for my table I look for her purest form (70%<). Corvinas have an unmistakable notes of almond that make for a really lovely pairing with anything involving tomato and semolina (pasta). A perfect, and generally cost efficient table pleaser for any occasion in need of a light to medium bodied red.

Brand to love: Zeni, Costalago Rosso Veronese 2007. A great bottle for 13 bucks, with a beautiful label, makes a perfect present.

I just love saying it– Vouvray! I’m normally completely opposed to ANYTHING involving white and sweet varietals. However, this French belle of the ball is mellow and opulent, particularly when given enough time to acquire a nice vintage.  Your next purchase of Vouvray, like champagne, may come with a sweetness level conveniently posted on the label, for something a little dryer to pair with seafood or light pasta, I would advise to look for ‘Sec’ or ‘Demi-sec’. If you’re looking for something to add a sweet finish to the perfect meal ‘Moelleux’ or ‘Doux’ are the way to go. This is a wine that can satisfy the most novice, White Zinfandel drinker, or impress your biggest wino friend- a great bottle to stock your bar with at a cocktail party.

Brand to love: LaCheteau, Vouvray, 2004. For only 6 bucks at your local Trader Joes, this sweet, juicy bottle has notes of pears and granny smith apples, that is sure to please ANYONE.

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