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Working my blurb…

Off-the-cuff… I have a passion for cooking because I’ve learned to eat well, developing a more sophisticated palate because of where I’ve lived and my Italian husband Emilio and his family. My epiphany in cooking came from having the pleasure to live in Seattle where you can buy easily any ingredient you’re looking for, and always the very best seasonal fruits, vegetables and fresh fish/seafood. Then we moved to Rochester, NY. Interesting enough place, not the best food generally speaking (sorry Rochester friends)! The best thing they have going there in upstate NY is Wegman’s grocery store, it’s one-stop grocery shopping. You can find obscure ingredients, like black truffle cream, and great fresh organic foods. A big bonus and I really miss it where we are now. Now we are in Nashville, TN since the summer of 2005. I should be thankful I have these grocery stores at all, but I do have to shop multiple places for quality ingredients. It’s Publix for staples, Whole Foods for organics, and Trader Joe’s for organics, great deals and bonus groceries (regret here in TN that we cannot buy wine in grocery stores so that BIG Trader Joe’s benefit does not exist here, but does in Seattle). My younger 22 year old sister Hannah is in culinary school, so envious of that. She’s about to graduate, and I’m extremely proud of her. My husband is a foodie, a critic, and a fantastic cook.

I’m also a Group Fitness Instructor certified by ACE and SPIN, Johnny G.

I create personalized recipe organizers to offer to people an easy way of keeping all of their culinary information in a well thought out easy to use system that is their own.  Potentially an heirloom piece! Right now the business is a labor of love, and that’s ok!

I have two young beautiful happy boys, Gianluca (6) and Steffen (4).  They keep me busy, along with everything else and are cutely enthusiastic about this business I’ve started, Recipes For Keeps.


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