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Standing and Supine Abs 1


Standing Abs, in front of a mirror, and Supine Abs.

1- Side imprint – arms up, pull 1 arm down to meet lateral knee lift, x12 each side and repeat on both sides

2-Across Crunch – arms up, pull 1 arm down across body, meet knee then extend leg to side laterall, 12 reps each side

3-Supine – on back on floor, Crunch upper and lower body together x10 reps; then extend legs all the way out and arms over head/on crunch pull elbows to knees x 10 reps. Repeat  crunches and full body extension

4- Supine – on back on floor, legs up bent knees – Leg pullies or bicycle – twist elbow to knee x10 reps; then x10 just leg pullies, repeat with elbows then not


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