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Supine Abs 2 with Stretch


Stretch between sets of 50.

  1. “Boat position” (seated on floor, lean back, legs lifted in front or heels touching floor legs extended)- BRING 1 ARM ACROSS BODY reach forward  & twisting torso on reach to opp. side (to outside of knee); ALTERNATING SIDES , 25 to 50 reps

  2. Lay flat, feet up in air, lift hips off floor with legs extended straight, 25 reps ; then reach up 1 hand at a time “Rope Climb”, 25 reps

  3. Upper Body Crunches, 25 reps; Lower Body Crunches, 25 reps

  4. 1 foot on opp knee crunch lower and upper, 10 reps; change sides. 10 reps

  5. leg pullies (bicycle) lift upper body twist torso bring elbow to knee , 25 to 50 reps


  1. Plank

  2. Upward Dog

  3. Downward Dog

  4. Step One Foot up between Hands “Runners Lunge”

  5. Warrior II- Lift body up pressing on forward foot, extend arms to side level with shoulders, forward foot pointing side, back foot point forward, Pivot back arm to top of leg reach arm up, pivot opp. side reaching hand to ceiling

  6. move back into Downward Dog

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